Nice summary of state of LEPland from @39LEPs Alex Pratt Chair @BTVLEP

Cookin’ in LEPland

During the summer, LEP kitchens have been cooking up EU Strategic Plans and blending local Growth Deals, the catalysts that should help us win the global economic race. Blockages are being identified that need help from Whitehall to be cleared away, so growth can be released and the jobs can flow. See cartoon history >

Reasons to be Cheerful (part 2)

UKTI and LEPS: The PM has called for closer links between UKTI and LEPs in our shared ambition to win the global economic race. The 39 LEPs are therefore now actively bringing UKTI, TSB and others into a closer relationship with the LEP Chairs.

Lighter Government

Now that times are tough we surely need more efficient, more aligned, more collaborative, more effective Government. This places a spotlight on those LEPs where every Local Authority is not fully committed to a home LEP. 16 of the 39 LEPs have overlapping areas. Should we not avoid too many cooks occupying the economic kitchen

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