Innovations demonstrate future digital high street solutions

Integrating digital solutions can boost loyalty and grow sales. The Alexander Black showcase features more than 40 practical solutions for retailers to transform customer and employee experience, improving operational efficiency at the same time.

The showcase illustrates five journeys fundamental to the digital transformation of the physical store:

  • seamless engagement of digital consumers
  • mobilisation of digital store teams
  • digitisation of store operations
  • securing of the digital transformation
  • the use data analytics to drive business insight.

Demonstrations include:


Interactive Shop Window

Shop and get information even when the store is closed.  An interactive store window that lets customers engage with the content.


Interactive Shop Window Hoarding

An example of how you can create excitement, engagement and build customer interest in your brand whilst the store is being built.  Content can be refreshed, customers can engage, gain information – retailers can capture customer data in advance of the store opening.


Customer Mobile Application

An example of a self-contained app that will enable functionality like Store Check-In; connection to in-store Wi-Fi, retrieve customer information and loyalty programmes/promotions – and much more


Customer ‘Check-in’/Loyalty

That first all important opportunity to engage with the customer as they enter the store.  Using NFC or QR Code the customer can check-in to the store. Tailored & personalised messages & promotions can be delivered. Ability to check-in/register using ‘social connectors’ like Facebook/Twitter.


Returning Customer ‘Check-in’/Loyalty

Provides the opportunity to engage with a “returning” customer as they approach and enter the store.  Where the solution is fully integrated into back office systems like CRM it provides a 360 degree review of all their interaction with the retailer – across all channels of engagement – and enables the delivery of tailored & personalised messages & promotions to the customer.


In-store music 

Music acts powerfully on human emotions and helps to add to the overall customer experience in store.  Fully managed plug and play audio player with brand appropriate playlist delivered to store – playlist refreshed frequently; player is monitored and alerts provided if not working/unplugged.  Legal compliance is demonstrated as the ‘making available and music duplication rights’ are included – only performing rights licences required in addition.  Stores can be clustered to receive different programming; radio commercials can be developed and inserted – and can generate additional revenue stream if ‘air time’ sold to brands within the store.


Scent Diffuser 

Create immediate all round brand experience by interacting with all the customer’s sensory drivers.  As customers enter a short burst of scent meets them.


‘Lift & Place Kiosk’ – using RFID  

As products are lifted from the glass shelf and placed on the shelf below this triggers product information; videos, suggestions and recommendations, product reviews.  Can also be set to trigger alarms for the store manager if high priced items remain off the shelf for longer than dictated by set business rules.


Proximity marketing – using beacon

Proximity triggered content/messaging, in this instance providing product content of the items worn by the mannequin. Can provide in-store way finding to items; create personalized product recommendations; alert sales associate to assemble items in fitting room; facilitate self-service purchase in-store or for home delivery and provide promotional incentive to purchase.


‘Intelligent Fitting Room’ – using RFID technology  

RFID reader automatically identifies number and which items are taken into the fitting room. Customer is presented with additional product information, recommendations and suggestions.  Sends an alert to sales associate device for additional items/different sizes/colours a customer wants to try without leaving the fitting room.  Provides detailed analytics to the retailer around: conversion; sales associate best practice; fitting room utilisation etc.


‘Interactive Touch Table’ – using RFID technology 

In this instance product used is cosmetics, but any product could be used to drive the interaction/customer engagement.  Detailed product information; suggestions/recommendations can be provided for the customer to self-serve or can be used by the sales associate to engage with the customer.  Videos can be shown as to how to use the products.


‘Interactive Touch Table’ – Product/Fashion Configurator  

Personalise your own products e.g. create your own trainers choose the base colour, graphic design, shoe laces, play with different designs and colours.


Tablet triggered digital display (Fling) 

Sales Associate using a tablet assists a customer to find an item – once found, sales associate can push or “fling” the product and detailed information to any larger in-store screen including video wall for better product representation – supports endless aisle for boutique/smaller store footprints.  Customer could also ‘personalise’ a product on a tablet device and push personally designed product to larger screen before committing to purchase.



Visualife is an augmented reality app, utilising visual discovery to bring the physical world to life in the same frame as the physical item. And by tapping your mobile screen the digital content associated with the physical image can go with you.


Sporting Personality linked Merchandise

When sporting merchandise is tapped/scanned via intelligent/smart label it provides visual imagery and video associated with the sporting personality of that brand


Digital Sales Associate

Beacon pushes product information to the sales associate (not the customer) to enable sales associate to provide customer with detailed information at point of consideration.


‘Intelligent/Smart Labels/Shelf Talkers – using NFC or QR codes

A number throughout the store that when tapped or scanned will provide additional detailed product information; customer reviews, provide an overall look recommendation and incentivise with a promotional offer to purchase all the items. Outfit pairing via a recommendation engine integrated into the shelf talker can suggest outfits, depending on customer mood, preference, weather or previous purchase. Enables interaction with social media for brand advocacy.


‘Memory Mirror’

Allows the customer a 360 degree of themselves in the outfit they have tried on.  Mirror has in-built camera which is set on a slight delay.  Customer performs a ‘catwalk shimmy’ turns back to face the mirror and can see themselves from all angles in the outfit!  Picture can be posted on social media channels or emailed to friends/family to request opinion prior to purchase.


‘Art Wall’ – Window 

Demonstrates the ‘wow’ factor that a number of screens positioned together can achieve – and that different content can be managed on each of the screens (all content is centrally managed).  Creates a wonderful brand experience.


RFID for Inventory Management

All our merchandise uses 100% recycled paper RFID tags.  We have a number of traditional and innovative hand held RFID devices and overhead/in-store readers to quickly demonstrate an accurate inventory live count in store; prevent loss and find misplaced items.


Intelligent care labels  

A 2D code on the woven garment care label provides link to full traceability information eg.

origin of the fabrics, the country of manufacture, the factory produced in and associated testing information etc. Consumers are increasingly concerned about ethical sourcing, compliance to legal standards and how and where their products are made – and this isn’t any more just limited to food.


Small screen – cross departmental promotion 

Demonstrates usage of smaller digital endpoints. Will run cross department promotional offer for coffee in grocery department


Home Inspirer 

Application running a tablet allows customers to view virtual models of furniture within a custom designed room.  Customer can adjust the floor finishes, wall colours and furniture finishes to resemble their own space and preferences and place furniture within. Either with the support of a sales associate or self-guided. When happy the resultant image it can be pushed up to larger 55” screen.


Mobile POS 

Free up your sales associates from fixed positions in store, quickly offer more ways to pay at busy times – or to quickly enable a pop-up store.  Our mobile solution offers the full power, features and functionality that you would enjoy from a fixed POS solution including: ApplePay, mobile payments, digital receipts and shared peripherals like printers and cash drawers.


Wine and Food Matching – using Intel Real Sense Camera 

As a customer picks up a bottle of wine, information about the wine, similar wines to try and suggestions of food matching appear on the screen in front of them


Recipe information and cooking video

Intelligent label linked to products on display will include recipe and cooking video


Queue Buster

An interactive solution that enables you to continue shopping until the counter staff are free to serve you when you receive an alert.  Greatly enhances customer experience and increases sales as customers who would have previously seen a long wait in a queue and decided to skip purchase, are more likely to see the perceived wait as shorter as they can continue shopping in the meantime.


Chiller Cabinet – temperature monitoring

Real-time temperature monitoring, providing consistent delivery of data to ensure full compliance.  Data can be accessed through


Shelf Hawk

Cameras are focussed on key product areas in a store and the imaging technology recognises the product and shelf layout. This could be used to gauge planogram compliance and auto replenishment.


Digimarc Barcode 

The Digimarc Barcode encodes existing bar code data invisibly and repeatedly across all package surfaces thereby making the entire package scannable at checkout. This could significantly reduce checkout times for retailers and boosting the average number of items scanned per minute.



A little bit of theatre to entertain and reinforce the brand experience.  Brings to life physical products/brands in a magical 3D holographic story enabling customers to connect emotionally to the product/brand and create impact in sometimes very crowded stores. A promotional vehicle that retailers can offer to brand owners to support promotional or product launch activity


Interactive Floor 

A multi-media visual display system that project wonderful interactive floor special effects – this can be games to entertain children – or advertisements on the floor to draw attraction to promotional messaging or product launches.  Users control the dynamic multi-media content with simple gestures and body movement.  It is an engaging interactive experience that immerses customers in a brand’s messaging and adds to the overall customer experience.


Digital Menu Boards  

Menu boards using digital signage enables dynamic changing of menu and prices based on product availability and product demand/traffic.  All content is centrally controlled and for example promotional change in pricing can be implemented nationally store wide immediately – or for a particular region or cluster of stores.


Café Ordering App

The Connected Café ordering solution allows you to order your favourite cup of coffee and include a photo of yourself.  When your coffee is ready, your own picture pops up on the screen.  Perceived wait time is reduced with an entertaining and engaging experience.  Experience it for real in the Café …we will make you the coffee you order!


VCS/Arts and looking for funding in Gloucestershire? See here

Funding Opportunities Bulletin – 5 September 2017

The latest version of the bulletin is available on the Gloucestershire VCS Alliance website at

Key highlights:
• Stroud District Community Safety Partnership is inviting applications from groups within Stroud District for projects which meet the Police and Crime Commissioner priorities for 2017/2021. Page 16
• The Stroud Rotary Community Awards aim to support organisations with a small grant which will make a real difference. Page 17
• The Aviva Community Fund opens to applications on 12 September. Page 18
• The DM Thomas Foundation for Young People has announced the #IamABLE £20,000 Giveaway in connection with their latest #IamABLE campaign. Page 33
• The Jeans for Genes grants programme is open for applications until 30 September. Funding is available to charities and support groups that care for children affected by a genetic disorder such as Cystic fibrosis, Haemophilia and Sickle cell. Page 54
• The UK Theatres Small Grants Scheme has re-opened for applications. Page 65
• The Try for Change Fund large grants programme is open for applications for projects which use rugby to tackle a number of social challenges. Page 92
• The Government has launched a Litter Innovation Fund to reduce litter by funding innovative solutions. Page 98
• The LESS CO2 sustainable schools programme is a free energy efficiency programme available to any UK school. Page 102
• Four Gloucestershire projects have been shortlisted in the M&S Community Energy Awards and are seeking your vote. Page 103
• The Prince’s Countryside Fund is open until 5 October. Page 107
• The NatWest Skills and Opportunities Fund is open for applications until 22 September. The priority for the South West is to support projects that help people investigate self-employment and start their own business; and to improve the financial education of disadvantaged people. Page 114
• UnLtd’s Do It and Grow It Awards have re-opened for applications. Awards are made for projects that have a social impact and for social entrepreneurs to scale up their venture. Page 121
• Localgiving is running its Grow Your Tenner 2017 campaign for its members with a special emphasis on monthly giving. Page 122
• The next funding round from the Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust is open to registered charities with a minimum income of £500,000 for projects that relate to the Elderly. Page 126
• British Legion’s External Grant Scheme has re-opened for applications. Page 146
The funding bulletin updates are available to anyone with a base and operating in Gloucestershire. We welcome your feedback on this bulletin and success you have in receiving funding from the funders listed.

Sign up for the Alliance newsletter for news and events for VCS organisations in the county. To receive the funding updates or our newsletter, email or complete the contact us form on our website at

The Gloucestershire VCS Alliance champions the voluntary and community sector in Gloucestershire. To learn more about what we do, please visit



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10 Reasons the future is bright for Gloucester’s City Centre

  • Gloucester’s own Business Improvement District (BID) – Overwhelmingly approved by traders in a ballot, this will bring £2.4 million of investment in supporting the city centre over the next 5 years.
  • City Protection Officers – Supported by the BID, City Council and Police & Crime Commissioner, City Protection Officers will take to the city centre streets in the next few weeks. They will deal with anti-social behaviour and tackle environmental offences like dropping litter.
  • More students – 300 University of Gloucestershire students will be living at Blackfriars in a year’s time, with more to follow thanks to the expansion of the University and Hartpury College.
  • Project Pilgrim – Already making good progress, this multi-million pound Heritage Lottery Fund scheme will improve the setting and the facilities at the Cathedral, our biggest asset.
  • Kings Walk – Now bought by a partnership of Reef Estates and the City Council, much-needed investment in this rather tired shopping centre will happen very soon.
  • Former BHS store – Standing empty after the department store went bust, rumours have it that this prominent unit will be filled by a big name (or two) following a major refurbishment, giving Eastgate Street a major boost.  Annoucements are apparently due very shortly
  • Former Kwik Save site – This long-term derelict site bordering Black Dog Way, Northgate Street and Worcester Street is being developed for 90 new homes, bringing more people to live in the city centre.
  • New bus station – We’ve been waiting for it long enough, but the new bus station will be finished next August. Even with some enforced design changes, it will be a million times better than what we’ve been used to.
  • Jumpin Jaks – This former nightclub on Brunswick Road has been derelict for well over a decade. Work has now started to reopen it as a bar/restaurant/club.
  • Digital High Street – Gloucester has positioned itself at the forefront of the digital high street revolution. This won’t mean much to a lot of people at the moment, but long-term it’s vital for the city centre’s prosperity.  Further announcements in October

The FACTS on Gloucester’s retail landscape since 2010 – 40% fewer empty shops!

In light of the recent article on Gloucestershire Live and some of the subsequent comments the following will be useful in setting the matters straight – demonstrating that the true story of Gloucester’s retail environment has been one of steady improvement and success over the last 7 years:

It is true that the city has gone through difficult times.  In 2010 the BBC reported on data issued by The Local Data company that stated that Gloucester had amongst the highest number of empty shops in the UK . The city’s retail vacancy rate in 2010 was recorded at a high 21%.

Since then a lot has changed.  Millions of pounds have been invested in city regenertaion and a strategy was formulated and action taken to stimulate growth, with the city council high street initiatives providing funding and rate rebates to new businesses.  Funding has been put aside for grants to enable renovation of the city’s historic shops and investment continues to be made in Marketing Gloucester to help deliver footfall driving events and promote the city, something that has been highly effective with visitor numbers increasing by over 60% since 2013.

From 2010 to today there has been a 40% reduction in the number of empty shops

Today the retail vacancy rate for the whole city is 11.6% with Retail vacancy rate for the four Gate streets, Kings Square and the historic central Gloucester having fallen to 12.4% – this is almost exactly the same as the current national average for retail vacancy rates which is 12.3%.  By any measurement this is a success story.

Central Gloucester

Currently, Gloucester Quays, the Business Engagement team at Marketing Gloucester and the city council are receiving high levels of inquiries from national and local organisations who wish to follow the example of TK Maxx , Ted Baker and Cote Brasserie whose research has shown Gloucester as and ideal place to locate.   There has also been a crop of independent businesses starting up or expanding in the city.  There are many more ready to invest in the beautiful historic city.

The failing of Argos, BHS and a small Coop shop should not be seen as harbingers of doom for the city but are merely reflections of national retailers with failed models of operating or those seeking to change their operating practice.

The current successes though are likely to be nothing compared to those that are ahead in the bright future for the city.  There are currently massive regeneration projects going on around the city that will further stimulate growth. In 2016 Gloucester’s population overtook that of Cheltenham and is set to continue to rise, this  in itself will stimulate the retail sector further and lead to lower vacancies, as will the location of thousands of students to Gloucester by the University of Gloucester.

Yes the FACTS on Gloucester’s retail landscape since 2010 – show 40% fewer empty shops with plenty or reasons to believe that the improvement will continue.







Gloucester wins prestigious innovation award for Marketing Gloucester initiative led by Cllr Jennie Watkins

A trailblazing combination of three key elements will make Gloucester one of the best connected cities in the UK

​CCTV, wi-fi and enhanced mobile communications are all part of a pioneering project which was launched by BT and Gloucester City Council in 2015 driven through by Cllr Jennie Watkins based on recommendations by the team at Marketing Gloucester, who lead on the digital strategy for the city.

The development – the first of its kind in the UK – included the introduction of a free public wi-fi service for tourists and people living and working in Gloucester city centre. Laptops, tablets and mobile devices will all be able to connect to it.

There is also be a new state-of-the-art CCTV service and control room, and improved mobile phone coverage for 4G and other new services.

City is on the ball with pioneering project

City is on the ball with pioneering project
Paul Coles is BT regional manager for Gloucestershire and the South West.

Councillor Jennie Watkins is cabinet member for communities and neighbourhoods at Gloucester City Council.


Paul Coles says the project makes Gloucester one of the best connected cities in the UK.

He added: “It’s great to see Gloucester pioneering this approach. We hope to repeat it in other towns and cities.”

Installation of wireless access points and 50 new high-definition CCTV cameras has taken place across the city.

The new digital service  provides clearer images, enable security teams to zoom in on potential trouble spots, and gather evidence with high-quality images.

Councillor Jennie Watkins says the development is fantastic news for both locals and visitors to Gloucester – “Once it was evidenced to us by Marketing Gloucester that we could leverage the funding we had budgeted for CCTV to also provide a step change in WIFI and 4G digital infrastructure, it become obvious to me that we should seize the opportunity especially since it would allow us to pursue our goals for digital inclusion and to be a connected city.”

On the back of this innovative solution, Gloucester City Council scooped the prestigious Gordon McLanaghan Security Innovation Award at the MSC annual educational security seminar on Monday evening (14th November 2016) staged at the Bristol Hotel.  The independent chairman of the judging panel Professor Kamal Beckoum, the Head of School Computing and Technology at the University of Gloucester delivered the verdict of the judges at the formal dinner where he identified the multiple benefits the new Gloucester City Council CCTV system creates with a more secure environment (through higher quality CCTV) and a greater access to free public wifi along with improved 4G coverage

20161114 - Global MSC Bristol Hotel by Jon Craig @JonCraig_Photos 07778606070

The award was made by The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Jeff Lovell.

The photo shows (from L – R) Roger Hardiman (consultant), Amy Kedward (BCC Emergency Control Room Manager),Gill Ragon (Gloucester City Council), The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Jeff Lovell, Derek Maltby (MD – Global MSC Security), Andy Kilmurry, (Gloucester Police), Ed Pomfret (Gloucester City Council)

The council beat off stiff competition from Cumbria Police, the Metropolitan Police and North Somerset Council.

In addition to winning the prestigious Bristol Blue Glass Trophy, the winners were awarded a cheque to the value of £1,000.


British High Streets: from Crisis to Recovery? A Comprehensive Review of the Evidence

Well worth reading this document

Town centres and high streets provided highly visible and graphic evidence of the scale of the economic downturn. The crash in consumer confidence was followed by an immediate and abrupt increase in vacancies. Vacancy  measured as either a percentage of floorspace in a centre or in terms of the percentage of empty property units (voids) more than doubled over the five years from 2008 – in the case of voids rising from 7% in 2008 to a peak of 16.3% in 2012, before trending downwards as the economy began to recover, falling to 15.1% by October 2013, and again to 13% by April 2014.
Significantly, the shockwave also exposed and reinforced longer-term underlying forces of change which had been reconfiguring UK town centres and high streets for some time, but which had been somewhat masked during the ‘growth’ years of the early/mid 2000s. Not all those forces, it must be stressed, were negative for the high street. The period of turmoil offered new opportunities for those businesses which could change and adapt. These forces of change included short term pressures of economic shock from the recession, and medium term forces such as planning policy and institutional support for town centres and high streets in the face of competition from alternative retail locations.

In turn, the short and medium term forces combined with long term pressures including the disruptive effects of online retailing, changing demographics, and significant shifts in consumer behaviour which underpinned the rise of what has been termed ‘convenience
culture’, to produce a period.

What UK can learn from 5G in USA, Korea and Japan. Gloucester – the ideal test-bed

Cellcos don’t need 5G for people to make phone calls – their existing 4G networks have more than enough bandwidth for that. Cellcos also don’t need 5G for IoT applications, except for uses such as smart cars and smart cities because most IoT devices use very little bandwidth – although some need the low-latency that 5G provides. What cellcos need is to make 5G economically feasible for them. For that cellcos need people to watch lots and lots of videos that take lots of bandwidth, especially 4K videos, live streaming, VR and AR. The thought of live streaming has cellcos drooling. Notice what Verizon said about one reason it paid almost $5 billion to acquire Yahoo – live streaming of sports.


Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam recently confirmed that Verizon is on target for beginning its launch of a commercially available service in 2017 by saying, during a recap of the company’s financial returns, “we see the stars aligning very quickly when it comes to the 5G future.” He also said the FCC has finished its radio specifications, which makes it feasible to begin testing of technical components. McAdam said Verizon’s work with 5G and the millimeter wave spectrum it will use is “preparing us for a fixed commercial wireless fiber launch in 2017.” McAdam added that the FCC’s approval of Verizon’s spectrum lease deal with XO Communications provides a “clear spectrum path for 5G deployment.”

Verizon clearly has its 5G eye on wireless broadband to homes. McAdam said, “I think of 5G, initially as, in effect, wireless fiber. With wireless fiber, the so-called last mile can be a virtual connection dramatically changing our cost structure.” He said the most expensive part of deploying its FiOS fiber network is just outside and inside the home, an expense that would not exist with the use of 5G. He said that FiOS and 5G routers cost the same, but that 5G doesn’t use an optical network terminal (ONT) that is typically mounted on an outside wall. McAdam said Verizon expects there will be a significant cost reduction when 5G becomes available.

Verizon, together with Ericsson and Nokia, has been testing 5G in Dallas, New Jersey and Virginia. The speeds it’s getting are truly fantastic for a wireless cellular network. McAdams said that in its tests, it has been getting speeds above 1 Gbps at over 500 yards, which is more than enough for up to six 4K TV signals, six virtual reality units and multiple smartphones and tablets.

McAdam said Verizon’s now in the process of moving that work into the field, where it can start to cover 200-home developments. It will also look at some rural environments.

Unlike 3G, 4G and WiFi, 5G is said to have the latency and steadfastness that, until now, only wireline networks could offer.

McAdam didn’t say it specifically, but 5G, if it performs as promised, will substantially reduce the costs of building wireline broadband networks because telcos do not have to install any wiring within the last 100-500 or so yards (meters) of the home. Telcos and cablecos will still need to install fiber to within 100-500 yards of the home. At that point it will install a 5G cell, probably on a utility pole or building, and then a 5G-capable router in the home – no digging up streets and yards or installing wires on utility poles. Telcos could install fiber to an MDU (Multiplexer and Distribution Unit), of which the world has millions, and then install a 5G cell in or just outside the MDU to offer high-speed broadband to the MDU’s residences.

5G could serve broadband services providers as a wireless form of or VDSL broadband technologies – with no wires required. Cablecos, who already install fiber close to the residence, could also use 5G instead of installing coax to and inside the residence. It is still not clear whether service providers will use 5G to connect each device to the internet or whether the 5G cell will connect to a router in the home, which will then connect to each device via WiFi or a wireline home network.

Verizon boasts about having built the US’ “best” 4G network. It was the first major telco in the world to build an all-fiber network – albeit in only 70% of its copper wire footprint. The cost of installing fiber over the last mile to the home may have prevented it from going all-fiber throughout its entire wireline footprint. 5G could solve that problem. It could also allow Verizon to offer high-speed broadband outside its wireline footprint – wherever its recently acquired XO Communications fiber rings exist. That would for the first time put Verizon in direct competition with AT&T, who could also do the same by building more fiber networks to near residences. Verizon could become a nationwide broadband powerhouse, something that’s sure to have Comcast and AT&T thinking about doing the same.

Verizon is simultaneously building a media company with the AOL and Yahoo assets it acquired, a media company that it is positioning for streaming content to millions of consumers.

McAdam said Verizon can add 5G to its existing cellular network for very little additional cost because it will densify its existing 4G networks with small cells.

Verizon CFO and SVP Fran Shammo said 2017 will be a development year for 5G, but added that the FCC’s approval this week of its spectrum leases with XO could move up its deployments “to get to a commercial launch and actually start to generate revenue.” He said, “I think that will come in either very late 2017 or early 2018.”

Verizon said it will later on test use cases for mobile 5G that supports the “massive” scale and low-latency that IoT services require.

Other cellcos such as AT&T and Korea Telecom (KT) are working to begin deploying 5G sooner than its 2020 forecast date. AT&T is pressured by Verizon and AT&T’s own massive and costly effort to upgrade its aging wireline broadband network to all-fiber and to over existing copper phone wires to MDUs.

KT is pressured by the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics that South Korea is hosting. Japanese cellco NTT DoCoMo is testing 5G for the real-time transmission of 8K video. It completed tests with Nokia on May 19. The tests used beam-tracking techniques to transmit millimeter wavelength signals at the extremely high frequency of 70 GHz. The trial showed that 8K video of 48 Gbps, which is four times larger than 4K video and 32 times than 1080p HD, was transmitted without any delays. Japan hosts the 2020 summer Olympics and wants to show off wireless streaming of it in 8K.

Streaming videos, especially live streaming, is very important to Verizon’s wireless strategy. It said its $4.83 billion acquisition of Yahoo’s operating businesses will help it become a bigger player in mobile media. McAdam said Verizon sees “tremendous opportunity in the digital video marketplace” and “content creators and advertisers are hungry for alternatives as the market expands for both in-home and mobile consumption. Verizon intends to be a significant player in this space.”

Verizon especially likes sports videos because it can stream games over its Go90 network, cellular network, FiOS, AOL and Yahoo. McAdam said, “we view this as a waterfall of content moving down through our different properties.”

McAdam said Verizon is moving ahead with cities such as Boston, San Fran-cisco and others on a one-fiber strategy for both cellular and FiOS. He said, “no longer are discussions solely about local franchise rights, but how to make forward-looking cities more productive and effective” and that its deal to acquire XO’s 40 metro fiber rings in major cities is the key to this strategy.


Event organisers invited to promote in this year’s Gloucester Summer of Music, Arts and Culture brochure

SoMAC Art in the City bannersAs Gloucester looks forward to another event-filled summer celebrating the city’s vibrant culture and musical scene, Marketing Gloucester is inviting the event organisers to be included in this year’s SoMAC brochure.


Gloucester’s Summer of Music, Arts and Culture is the annual festival running throughout July and August, bringing together established events including the Gloucester Carnival, the Gloucester Rhythm & Blues Festival and Gloucester Goes Retro alongside newer events such as WSP Solicitors Art In The City and the SoMAC Stage.

Marketing Gloucester will also promote other summer cultural events in Gloucester free of charge. Last year, the Three Choirs Festival, Gloucester Cathedral, Discover de Crypt, Gloucester Guildhall, Gloucestershire Pride, the Gloucester 10K, Race for Life benefitted from the additional exposure as the brochure, banners, PR and social media reached an audience of 1.5 million over the summer months.

If you are an event organiser and you think your event or festival would fit in with Gloucester’s Summer of Music, Arts and Culture and would benefit from being a part of the overall brand, contact Marketing Gloucester on with your event details by Wednesday 19 April 2017.

Visit to find out more.




Notes for Editors


For more information contact Marketing Gloucester on 01452 207020 or email


Latest vacant property opportunities in Gloucester

Gloucester BID
Retailer Unit Building Shopping Area Street Number Street Town Postcode County Sub Category
Vacant Property R10 Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet St. Ann Way Gloucester GL1 5SH Gloucestershire Restaurant – American
Vacant Property 66c Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet St. Ann Way Gloucester GL1 5SH Gloucestershire Gift Shops
Vacant Property 99a Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet St. Ann Way Gloucester GL1 5SF Gloucestershire Antique Dealers
Vacant Property Railway House Bruton Way Gloucester GL1 1DG Gloucestershire Shop – Unknown
Vacant Property Lister House Station Road Gloucester GL1 1EN Gloucestershire Hairpieces & Wigs
Vacant Property 1b St. Aldate Street Gloucester GL1 1RP Gloucestershire Recruitment Agencies
Vacant Property 5 St. Aldate Street Gloucester GL1 1RP Gloucestershire Fast Food Takeaway
Vacant Property 8 Wellington Street Gloucester GL1 1RA Gloucestershire Fast Food Takeaway
Vacant Property 3 Station Road Gloucester GL1 1EQ Gloucestershire Public Houses & Inns
Vacant Property Grosvenor House 8 Station Road Gloucester GL1 1SZ Gloucestershire Pawnbrokers
Vacant Property 1 St. Aldate Street Gloucester GL1 1RP Gloucestershire Bride & Groom Shops
Vacant Property Kings Walk Shopping Centre Kings Walk Shopping Centre 39 Clarence Street Gloucester GL1 1EA Gloucestershire Recruitment Agencies
Vacant Property 20-22 Eastgate Shopping Centre Eastgate Shopping Centre Bell Walk Gloucester GL1 1XH Gloucestershire Clothes – Men
Vacant Property Clarencegate House 57 Eastgate Street Gloucester GL1 1PN Gloucestershire Estate Agents
Vacant Property 84-86 Eastgate Street Gloucester GL1 1QN Gloucestershire Hearing Aids
Vacant Property Eastgate Street Gloucester GL1 1PU Gloucestershire Shop – Unknown
Vacant Property 15 Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet St. Ann Way Gloucester GL1 5SH Gloucestershire Clothes – Men
Vacant Property 1 Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet St. Ann Way Gloucester GL1 5SH Gloucestershire Clothes – Men
Vacant Property 79 Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet Gloucester Quays Factory Outlet St. Ann Way Gloucester GL1 5SF Gloucestershire Clothes – Women
Vacant Property 176 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 2EX Gloucestershire Shop – Unknown
Vacant Property 115 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 1UT Gloucestershire Hairdressers
Vacant Property 156a Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 2EX Gloucestershire Beds, Bedding & Blankets
Vacant Property 101 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 1UR Gloucestershire Cafe & Tearoom
Vacant Property 99 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 1UR Gloucestershire Shop – Unknown
Vacant Property 79 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 1UB Gloucestershire Restaurant – Mexican/Tex Mex
Vacant Property 61-63 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 1TX Gloucestershire Haberdashers
Vacant Property 8 Northgate Street Gloucester GL1 1SE Gloucestershire Mobile Phones
Vacant Property 51-51a Northgate Street Gloucester GL1 2AJ Gloucestershire Amusement Parks & Arcades
Vacant Property 7 Worcester Street Gloucester GL1 3AJ Gloucestershire Sewing Machines
Vacant Property 2 Hare Lane Gloucester GL1 2BB Gloucestershire Shop – Unknown
Vacant Property 95a-97 Northgate Street Gloucester GL1 2AA Gloucestershire Restaurant – Chinese
Vacant Property 95 Northgate Street Gloucester GL1 2AA Gloucestershire Estate Agents
Vacant Property 100 Northgate Street Gloucester GL1 1SL Gloucestershire Estate Agents
Vacant Property 106 Northgate Street Gloucester GL1 1SL Gloucestershire Tailors
Vacant Property Apsley House 2 Spa Road Gloucester GL1 1XA Gloucestershire Dentists
Vacant Property 16 Commercial Road Gloucester GL1 2EA Gloucestershire Dress Agencies
Vacant Property 16 The Oxebode Gloucester GL1 1RZ Gloucestershire Jewellers
Vacant Property 2a The Oxebode Gloucester GL1 1RZ Gloucestershire Hair & Beauty Salons
Vacant Property 17 St. Johns Lane Gloucester GL1 2AZ Gloucestershire Solicitors
Vacant Property 97 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2PG Gloucestershire Grocers
Vacant Property 88-90 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2NZ Gloucestershire Restaurant – Indian
Vacant Property 41 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2NW Gloucestershire Mobile Phones
Vacant Property 5 Park Road Gloucester GL1 1LH Gloucestershire Restaurant – Thai
Vacant Property 7 Park Road Gloucester GL1 1LH Gloucestershire Public Houses & Inns
Vacant Property 4 Brunswick Road Gloucester GL1 1HG Gloucestershire Shop – Unknown
Vacant Property Morroway House Whitfield Street Gloucester GL1 1NA Gloucestershire Solicitors
Vacant Property 4 St. Michaels Buildings Eastgate Street Gloucester GL1 1PD Gloucestershire Coffee Shops
Vacant Property 9 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2NW Gloucestershire Cheque Cashing
Vacant Property 17a Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2NL Gloucestershire Shop – Unknown
Vacant Property 56 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2NF Gloucestershire Bars
Vacant Property 48 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2NF Gloucestershire Clothes – Women
Vacant Property Kings Walk Shopping Centre Kings Walk Shopping Centre 23a Kings Walk Gloucester GL1 1RX Gloucestershire Fashion Accessories
Vacant Property Eastgate Shopping Centre Eastgate Shopping Centre 2 Bell Walk Gloucester GL1 1XH Gloucestershire Cafe & Tearoom
Vacant Property 6 Lister House Station Road Gloucester GL1 1EQ Gloucestershire Convenience Stores
Vacant Property Eastgate Shopping Centre Eastgate Shopping Centre 10-11 Eastgate Street Gloucester GL1 1XH Gloucestershire Cafe & Tearoom
Vacant Property Eastgate Shopping Centre Eastgate Shopping Centre 7 Eastgate Street Gloucester GL1 1XH Gloucestershire Computers
Vacant Property Eastgate Shopping Centre Eastgate Shopping Centre 8 Eastgate Street Gloucester GL1 1XH Gloucestershire Film Developers
Vacant Property Eastgate Shopping Centre Eastgate Shopping Centre 9 Eastgate Street Gloucester GL1 1XH Gloucestershire Bakers Shops
Vacant Property Kings Walk Shopping Centre Kings Walk Shopping Centre 27-39 Eastgate Street Gloucester GL1 1YU Gloucestershire Department Stores
Vacant Property Kings Walk Shopping Centre Kings Walk Shopping Centre 24a-26 Kings Walk Gloucester GL1 1RW Gloucestershire Mobile Phones
Vacant Property Kings Walk Shopping Centre Kings Walk Shopping Centre 30 Kings Walk Gloucester GL1 1RW Gloucestershire Art Galleries & Fine Art Dealers
Vacant Property Kings Walk Shopping Centre Kings Walk Shopping Centre 2 Clarence Walk Gloucester GL1 1HD Gloucestershire Party Goods / Novelties
Vacant Property 112 Eastgate Street Gloucester GL1 1QT Gloucestershire Bars
Vacant Property 11 Northgate Street Gloucester GL1 2AN Gloucestershire Mobile Phones
Vacant Property 9 Worcester Street Gloucester GL1 3AJ Gloucestershire Gift Shops
Vacant Property 50 Northgate Street Gloucester GL1 1SQ Gloucestershire Charity Shops
Vacant Property 180 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 2EZ Gloucestershire Motorbikes & Accessories
Vacant Property 76 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 2DX Gloucestershire Card & Poster Shops
Vacant Property 20 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 2DP Gloucestershire Health Clinics
Vacant Property 46 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2NF Gloucestershire Florists
Vacant Property 115 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2PG Gloucestershire Tour Operators
Vacant Property 93 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2PG Gloucestershire Fast Food Takeaway
Vacant Property 57 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2NW Gloucestershire Letting Agents
Vacant Property 47 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2NW Gloucestershire Clothes – Children
Vacant Property 31 Westgate Street Gloucester GL1 2NW Gloucestershire Cafe & Tearoom