Destination Management Forum (DMF): Attendance Criteria explained

In order to be accepted into Visit England’s DMF the following criteria need to be met:

Criteria 1

Meet the Government’s Tourism Policy criteria on Governance (or working towards it).

They must be partnerships between the public and private sector, including newly-formed Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) whereManagement Forum brings together senior executives from England‟s Destination Management Organisations in order to enable productive, collective engagement with each other and with the lead tourism body, VisitEngland, around a joint agenda of national and local tourism growth and management issues affecting their organisations.

Criteria 2

Have a published destination management plan, or be in the process of developing one (with a
detailed completion/ publication date). The plan should be a shared statement of intent between
public and private partners and include the priorities for growing, developing and managing the
destination, identifying clear actions and the roles & responsibilities of stakeholders.

Criteria 3

Committed and actively working to deliver the strategic framework and national marketing
strategy, e.g. be working to develop and promote attract and disperse brands.

Criteria 4

Organisations should have a status and remit locally to manage tourism. The organisation
should be recognised and acknowledged by the Local Enterprise Partnership(s) (where one

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