Accessible tourism entrepreneur helps make a difference at The Orchard Trust

Following the launch of his new Review It With Drewitt guide, Christian Drewitt is building up a comprehensive account of venues, not only in the City of Gloucester, but also the surrounding areas. One Forest of Dean business in particular has seen the value of working closely with Review It With Drewitt. Phill Hucks from the Orchard Trust Day Centre in Lydbrook was pleasantly surprised to realise that seeing his day centre through Christian’s eyes, there was so much more could be done to improve the accessibility of the site.

Phill Hucks, Project Manager at The Orchard Trust, said: “Christian knows far better than I ever will how easy or difficult it is to use our services and that is why we wanted him to give us feedback which we could use to improve our accessibility. If I were a potential customer I would be happier trusting the advice of someone who experiences this all the time and so the review on his website will be a powerful marketing tool to enable us to reach exactly the clients we are seeking to provide a service for.”

Christian Drewitt said: “I visited The Orchard Trust in Lydbrook in January and was pleased to find such a great venue with a variety of activities for anyone with a disability to enjoy for a day out. The centre is on a hillside, a little tricky to find but with good directions well worth a visit with so much to do. My main concerns were some tight corners for wheelchairs, only manual doors throughout and a few changes needing to be made in the toilets to enable independence as much as possible. My suggestions were received very positively by Project Manager Phill Hucks and we look forward to reviewing the centre again in the future to keep the website up to date.”

The Review It With Drewitt website which details accessibility of businesses for wheelchairs and the many varied disabilities of which 20% of the UK population are affected. Information ranging from door specifications such as width, automatic opener or manual, ramps, steps or level entrances, menus with large print or whether staff are happy to take time to explain a menu to someone who is visually impaired, music volume and general restaurant background noise, information regarding toilet facilities and many other details to ensure guests are making an informed decision when choosing a venue.

Christian has visited recreational venues, including restaurants, sports centres and Kingsholm Stadium, the home of Gloucester Rugby, pubs, museums, farm parks, cinemas, parks, public spaces and retail developments. Each venue will be assessed and advised on improvements if necessary and then revisited to review any changes. Each venue on the website will have a basic 1 to 5 star rating free of charge and, if subscribing with a small annual fee, businesses can provide more detailed information and photographs. Christian hopes this will make it an easier experience when planning a day out.

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Our mission is to enable access to public places for ALL people with any form of disability. Our experience has disabled members of society has shown that many simple everyday tasks relating to travel and getting out and about are so much easier for the able-bodied than those with disabilities. We want to change this and make it the same for everyone.



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